Thursday, 3 November 2016

How To Series - Staying Hydrated for Frequent Flyers

Following the Inflight Health Briefing Sheet on Hydration on Hydration, the next few posts will concentrate on practical tools for flyers
who want to arrive hydrated every time.

Do This

Step 1: Buy a non-BPA water bottle
Step 2: Order Echo Effervescent Hydrogen tablets online
Step 3: Drop 1 tab in 16 oz of water and sip throughout your flight, repeat as often as needed

Lets connect the dots...
  • Hydrogen the number one element of the periodic table is the most abundant element in the universe
  • Hydrogen + Oxygen typically produces water = Hydration
  • An abundance of hydrogen protects the body against alpha particles of cosmic radiation, ps a hydrogen polymer, is used in the NASA space shuttle for this very reason
  1. An alternative theory of jet lag says the over-acidification of the body tissues at altitude sets the conditions for jet lag in motion
  2. A lack of hydration equals systemwide acidification
  3. Remember lemonade colour urine inflight GOOD (↓dehydration), apple juice colour urine BAD (↑more dehydration)

Disclosure - I have no affiliation with Echo Effervescent, but I do use this kick-ass product. Warning : Use supplements responsibly and under supervision if necessary. 

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