Wednesday, 7 September 2016

4 Essential Supplements for Travelers – An Alternative List

The 4 essential supplements for travelers article from is well intentioned, but it leaves me feeling a bit meh! Aren’t you tired of well-intended articles that scratch the surface of a subject they have no in-depth experience of, I know I am! As a frequent flyer, you need tools you can use specific to your travel lifestyle, otherwise, you won’t use them consistently to reap the benefits.

For the symptoms of fatigue, stomach trouble and colds brought on by travel, the article recommends probiotics for digestive health, B vitamin complex for immunity, zinc for preventing the common cold, and magnesium for a good night’s rest.

As a frequent flyer if you repeatedly have problems with digestive health, immunity and catching colds, the elephant in the room you are ignoring is travel stress, leading to compromised overall immunity. Here is an alternative list to get your OVERALL immunity back on track.

  • ·      Chaga – for extraordinary immunity building and protection.
  • ·      Cordyceps – for endurance and cardiovascular health.
  • ·      Holy basil tea- for inexpensive adaptogenic health comparable with Panax ginseng and
  • ·      Magnesium oil – for better absorption and sleep, see below

For a good night’s sleep, the best way to get the most out of magnesium supplementation is transdermally (via the skin). Magnesium oil is the way to go. Magnesium oil also known as magnesium chloride has better absorption rates.  (Supplements - thirtieth percentile, magnesium oil - sixtieth percentile). Magnesium oil travels well as a spray which makes packing it for travel a breeze. 
Ps If you want to forego the idea of having to supplement these items just make Chaga, Cordyceps and Holy Basil as teas and apply Magnesium oil after your warm shower before bed!

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